Meg Fox, PhD

Principal Investigator

Meg received a BA in Chemistry and Biology from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2009 under Dr. Jose Barreto. She received a Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2016 under Dr. Mark Wightman, studying adaptations in  in vivo catecholamine signaling. Meg then completed  postdoctoral training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine with Dr. Mary Kay Lobo in 2020, studying cell-type specific molecular mechanisms in stress and substance use.  Meg is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, and in the Department of Pharmacology at Penn State College of Medicine. 

Outside of the lab Meg enjoys traveling, playing music, creative vegetarian cooking, craft beer, and spending time with her cats Amstel, Juniper, and Siggi.  ​ 

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Logan Fox

Research Technician

Logan received a B.S. in Neuroscience from Lebanon Valley College under Dr. Deanna Dodson. He has been in a variety of different works during his undergraduate studies including Rattus norvegicus trainability to tasks using clicker training, gene mapping and linkage of the X-chromosome in Drosophila melanogaster, and most recently serotonin transporters in canine, specifically Single-nucleotide polymorphism rs24602000 and it’s role in non-social fear responses. Logan joined the lab in November 2021.

Outside of the lab Logan enjoys playing board games with friends, hiking, biking, building computers, and streaming a variety of different videogames.

Alexandria (Allie) Ostman - PhD Student, Anatomy

Allie is a PhD student in the Anatomy program at Penn State College of Medicine. She is excited to be working on her thesis  in the Fox lab. 

Allie completed her B.S. at Bloomsburg University in 2018. She then worked for three years as a Research Technician in the Buchkovich Lab where she achieved two coauthor papers.   

Before joining the Fox lab, Allie had an amazing opportunity to work on "Adenosine Receptor 3 Mediated Neuroprotection of Photoreceptors" in zebrafish with Dr. Stella. 

Annalisa Montemarano

PhD Student, Neuroscience

Annalisa is a PhD student in the Neuroscience program at Penn State College of Medicine. She received her B.A. in Cell Biology & Neuroscience from Rutgers University in 2022, where she worked for four years as a research assistant for Dr. Mark West studying the effects of fentanyl addiction on neuroimmune functioning. 

Upon rotating in the Fox Lab in March 2023, she knew very early on that this would be the lab for her, and she is very excited to be completing her thesis work here. Outside the lab, Annalisa enjoys drawing, reading, and cooking.

Hajra Sohail

Research Technician

Hajra recieved a B.S. in biology and a minor in art at Temple University. In  her junior and senior years there, she worked in Dr. Sara Jane Ward's lab, where she did a project on using CBD derivatives to reduce chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain. 

Hajra joined the lab in October 2023.

In her free time, Hajra likes to read and draw. 

Group Photos

September 2023 

Annalisa, Logan, Allie - Penn State white out event on campus

December 2023 

June 2023

Jenn, Annalisa, Logan, Allie, Nicole, ( Meg as photo taker)- Lab lunch 

December 2022

Meg, Taylor, Allie, Logan, Nicole - Holiday lab lunch

August 2023

Annalisa, Nicole, Logan, Allie - Lab shenanigans

Lab Alumni

Taylor Seifert, Research Assistant, 2021-2022. 

Nicole Lookfong

Research Assistant


Jennifer Jennings

Summer Intern


Honorary  Members

Amstel Fox

Juniper Fox

Siggi Fox

Otis Ostman

Pippo Montemarano

Karma "Bat" Fox

Maxxy "Cat" Fox

Ichigo Sohail